Having chosen an appropriate faculty and specialty, the student should never stop there. He/she has tchoose any courses from other specialties’ programs without any limits. Thus, when studying at the faculty of marketing, the student might choose courses such as HR management, internal and external audit, or accounting basics. If the student has enough time and possibilities, he/she might study on two specialties at once, as online studies allow “visiting lessons” at any time 24/7.



Each student is individual. The traditional educational system sets the same template-based conditions for all students, without taking into account their individual predisposition to studies or talents. UniMFA avoids any templates or clichés, and therefore the system of education and knowledge testing here is customized as well. What matters for us is not only the command of theoretical aspects, but also the student’s ability to apply them in practice, creativity of task performance, and individual work.

However, we understand the need of communication between students of one or several different specialties. Thus, some courses assume the collective participation in and preparation of common projects. In online mode, students prepare common projects, critically evaluate the works of others, etc. Thus, we compensate the lack of “live” communication with tutors and other students by the organization of interactive workshops, seminars, conferences, and chats for students.

That’s how a professional should look like in our opinion! And that’s a professional that we prepare!



The student’s profile is constantly being updated throughout the course of his/her education in the student’s personal account.
  • Complete overview of personal and professional information, including both quantitative data (program and specialty, number of courses passed, grades, grade point average, number of endeavors, etc.) and qualitative information (the student’s psychological test, creativity and timeliness of the performance of tasks, aspiration for the highest results, responsibility, and the ability of self-organization).
  • The student’s profile is assigned a unique code which only the student is aware of. The same code is used for registering the diploma confirming the student’s successful graduation from the University.
  • The student may provide this code to his/her parents, prospective employer or any other interested persons whatsoever, so that they would be able to browse the information on the student and his/her academic results.
  • The student’s profile contains useful information for the student him-/herself, and is effective for the individual organization of the educational process. The profile might help the student objectively evaluate his/her opportunities and disadvantages, and make the choice regarding the field of activities and the enterprise where he/she would like to work.
  • The student’s profile might be a guarantee for the parents informing them of what their child studies, what results he/she has achieved thus far, what he/she likes most, as well as might help them check the quality of the information and materials provided to the students.
  • The parents might help their child make his/her choice regarding the specialty or additional courses based on their own experience and the information on their son or daughter’s academic results and abilities. Also, any and all risks of fraud on the part of the student or the banal “sheepskin purchase” from rogues are eliminated.



Forget about any public agencies, certificates, visas or any other permits. Just study, and enjoy your education!