About us

The incredibly developed twentieth-century world full of opportunities offers an appropriately developed approach to the education system. Now, that’s time to create a New-Generation University with unlimited opportunities for all students, and a new approach to both students and tutors.

The University of Marketing, Finance and Audit UniMFA is a New-Generation University offering the opportunity to get higher education in several forms: 

  • full-time
  • online
  • combined

Our headquarters is located in the Czech Republic, in the adorable city of Prague. We just couldn’t have done otherwise: Prague is a remarkable center of culture, education, and history, and it is located right in the middle of Europe, which makes the Czech capital close to all students, both from the European Union and the countries of the near abroad.

The Czech Republic is a leading country in the field of the implementation of new academic programs, education of foreign students, launch of new research and development centers, and centers of assistance to novice entrepreneurs (business incubators).

 The University of Marketing, Finance and Audit welcomes each and every student, regardless of his or her age, nationality, or domicile. If you are looking forward to obtain a European-standard diploma, but do not have the opportunity to leave your native country, online education at UniMFA will make it possible.