Each one of us might face circumstances hindering to obtain higher education. The aim of the idea “Studies without Borders” is to minimize the impact of life circumstances and their consequences on the process of higher education at the University of Marketing, Finance and Audit. You might get higher European education even without your physical presence in Prague, and even if you are unable to regularly visit the lessons. You might work in your specialty, at the same time improving your skills, and thus getting the opportunity to pay for your university studies. You might build plans for your family life, without any concerns regarding its possible negative effects on your further studies, as you will have the unlimited access to all materials, courses and tutors round-the-clock, just whenever you wish it.


Our aim is to provide the opportunity of getting higher education to those people who:


  • are unable or do not want to go to university every day;
  • are tired of spending time in queues at consultations and in libraries;
  • get on well with their computer, and often stay in the online environment;
  • wish to avoid any unjust or inappropriate attitude on the part of tutors or course mates;
  • work and travel much;
  • are going to have children;
  • have health complications which deprive them of the physical opportunity to go to university, but still strive for studies and professional development;
  • like to study at night, and work or deal with any personal affairs, etc. at daytime.


Sooner or later, each student faces questions such as “where to take books?” or “where to search for some information?”, “how to prepare to course exams?”, “is the information in the books or materials up-to-date?”, etc. When an appropriate book is finally found, the student might face another problem: its high cost. After scratching together sufficient money for the books or taking them from the library, the student would need to call for help in order to bring the heavy burden home, and then back. We could avoid all those annoying things. All necessary books, articles, presentations, videos, and other materials are provided to the student in an electronic version which might be downloaded to the student’s PC or accessed online at any time. The only things you need are motivation, and the desire to study without any borders or limits. 

Also, for the minimization of time expenditures, at the end of each lesson, the student gets a list of literature to be read, with all important chapters and pages marked, and with the links where they can be found. 
We have tried to minimize the student’s way to knowledge and up-to-date information which should be useful in the student’s further life and career. 

The materials have been chosen in a way for the student to be able to practically apply the theoretical knowledge obtained. All articles and materials are constantly being updated, and thus the student gets the opportunity to always have up-to-date, relevant and accurate information.