The main mode of study offered by the University of Marketing, Finance and Audit is remote (online) studies. The student studies his/her specialty disciplines, and manages his/her time and resources on his/her own. Each specialty includes the student’s theoretical and practical training, and offers the opportunity of the personal participation in sessions, conferences, and practical workshops held in Prague, i.e. allows expanding not only the student’s own professional knowledge, but also cultural education


All courses of online studies are divided into basic and additional.

The basic courses are mandatory for successfully completing one’s studies and obtaining the higher education diploma for the chosen specialty.

Additional courses would allow the student expanding his/her mindset, and specializing in fields beyond the chosen educational program.
The opportunity of selecting additional courses and the access to the courses are unlimited for each and every student. The student chooses the 

courses online, and thereafter registers the course and starts studying it without any administrative or bureaucratic complications. The catalogue of additional courses is constantly being updated. In addition to the theoretical basics, the students are offered practical lessons and workshops.

Each course (either basic or additional) terminates with a pass-fail exam, complete exam, or project preparation (practical task). For the purpose of objectively assessing the students’ knowledge, we have limited the opportunity of passing courses through the form of online tests which fails to show the students’ knowledge and the capacities of its practical application. In most cases, the student would be required to prepare a project on a given topic, or an issue-related essay.



Each student has his or her own online account with all necessary information on courses, tutors, conditions and requirements. The student’s account is also set for the communication with tutors or the coordinator. From the online account, the student can always access his/her own profile, and see his/her academic progress.

The student’s account contains materials for each course: presentations, articles, books, etc. logically divided into 13 weeks of studies. Throughout the semester, the student studies (at any convenient time) the appropriate topic. He/she can always contact the tutor (guarantor) through online consultation. The time of consultation should be arranged individually, whenever it is convenient for the student.


Upon the end of semester, two-week exams start, where the student is required to defend his/her projects or essays written in the past semester. The examination period requires the student’s physical presence in Prague. For foreign students, we offer visa and other support, accommodation, and the resolution of other issues whatsoever connected with the student’s journey in Prague.

For those who are unable to be physically present due to any reason, we consider the opportunity to accept the exams via an online conference.