Nostrificaition is the process of confirmation of equality of a diploma or certificate delivered in another country. This is a mandatory process for each student wishing to enter an accredited Czech university.


Both the certificate of secondary education and the university diploma require nostrification. The nostrification process for the certificate of secondary education is implemented as follows:

  • the curriculums of the two education institutions (foreign and Czech) are compared
  • exams are assigned based on the difference between the curriculums
  • exams are assigned in Czech, but the student may pass the exams in his mother tongue, provided that a translator is present


In order to successfully pass the nostrification exams in Czech gymnasia, the applicants need to know the secondary education program of the Czech Republic for different subjects. The students have to pass both the oral and the written parts in three or four subjects.


If you are required to nostrificate your diploma or certificate in the Czech Republic, you can contact our partner for the student consulting and adaptation of students in the Czech Republic, the company's Study Consulting sro, which specializes in Nostrification. More about nostrification you can find the link: http://studyconsulting.cz/students/6