Marketing and Media

The specialty Marketing and Media includes today’s two most highly demands specialties: Marketing Communications and PR and Media. The popularity of those professions is growing every single day, just as the comprehension that it is no longer enough to produce a cheap and high-quality product, it is necessary to understand the market’s structure, and first of all the customer. Companies often face the problem of the inability to correctly hold negotiations with the media (especially during the times of crises), endure losses due to the wrong planning or ineffective communication policies, and are forced to overcome many other obstacles. Thus emerges the era of the new generation of marketers who deal well with each and any field of organizational activities.

Within the framework of the program:

The students will learn to do the following:

  • run the analysis, coordination and regulation of corporate activities with due account for the changes within the company and beyond it;
  • investigate the market;
  • develop marketing strategies;
  • evaluate the development condition of customer demand, and develop strategies for satisfying customers’ needs;
  • analyze the existing competition and its possible trends in the future;
  • develop product line development strategies;
  • prepare and analyze corporate product distribution networks;
  • set the pricing policy;
  • choose communication channels;
  • develop strategic and operational planning programs;
  • supervise the results of marketing activities;
  • create PR strategies;
  • prepare press releases and articles, organize corporate events.

Also, students will learn the nuances of communication with journalists and all media, public agencies, suppliers, the staff, and other stakeholders. Throughout the course of studies, the students will also master the principles of online marketing and other up-to-date and effective forms of corporate brand and product promotion.

Together with the diploma, the graduate will get knowledge in economics, marketing and management, and will get the skills of negotiations with all categories of partners, just as will get a background in all up-to-date telecommunications and computer technologies.

The program assumes the studies of courses from a wide range of different branches, and includes basic courses such as marketing, economics, international law, branding, business administration, advertising, sales promotion, public relations (PR), direct marketing, personal sales, media development, customer relationship management (CRM), communication skills, presentation skills, copyright and media law, media planning, political marketing, modern trends in commercial communications, marketing analysis, etc.

Upon graduating from the University, our students may be employed in a number of different fields: in advertising agencies, advertising and marketing departments, production advertising organizations, consulting companies, media, PR structures, and so on.