Corporate Finance and Management

The profession of a financier or manager is one of the most highly-paid jobs as of today. Many people think over the possibility of launching their own business everyday, however they often face some barriers due to the lack of knowledge in the field of economics, finance and management. The correct understanding and planning of business, and the ability to manage the staff are key for any successful entrepreneur.

Within the framework of the program:

The students will learn to:

-          manage corporate cash flows;

-          run the complete financial analysis of company;

-          develop corporate pricing, product and other strategies;

-          plan budgets on all levels;

-          plan and raise corporate profits;

-          make decisions, develop leadership abilities;

-          effectively use corporate resources;

-          upgrade corporate functionalities, gradually but yet quickly achieve the main corporate goals;

-          plan and organize events;

-          supervise the fulfillment of the tasks set;

-          master the basics of internal and external audit.

Throughout the course of studies, we aim to develop our students’ strategic thinking, and most importantly, their ability of corporate and staff management: delegation of powers, motivation, and the customized approach to each employee.

Main program courses: basics of corporate finance, legal entities / corporations, international law, business financing resources, business administration, organizational corporate structure, HR management, customer relationship management, modern management, economics, marketing communications, international business relations, corporate financial management, public finance, financial analysis, international accounting, asset management, business planning, risk management, securities and corporate financial planning, adoption of investment decisions, international taxation systems, controlling, strategic management, knowledge management, corporate communications, environmental management, internal and external audit.

Graduates from this program can generally easily find a job. The professionals of this field have always been and will always remain highly demanded on the labor market. Moreover, many students launch their own business or become trade representatives. For talented graduates of this specialty, many professions are available, including CEO, financial director, top manager, department director, HR manager, etc. The student may find a job in all and any commercial and non-commercial fields: industry, trade, tourism, banking, transport, insurance, public agencies, and so on.