Accounting and Audit

An ancient profession with its history and roots. Any organization, regardless of its type of activities, size or reputation, can never deal without the work of a skilled accountant. However much the market changes, this specialty will always be highly demanded at all times. The maintenance and analysis of financial reports is a base for the successful development of any company, and its achievement of the goals set.

Within the framework of the program:

The students will learn to:

-          analyze and plan corporate expenses;

-          perform reconciliations, maintain the complete accounting reports;

-          supervise corporate assets and equity;

-          run deep financial analysis, inspections and audits;

-          make financial and accounting decisions;

-          identify goals, and plan the future development of the market and company;

-          use legal regulations in their activities;

-          draw up agreements;

-          construct and evaluate all types of financial information;

-          get knowledge in the field of business, taxation and financial legislation.

The program includes the studies of the following courses: accounting, basics of corporate finance, internal audit and control, international law, basics of taxation, International Financial Reporting Standards, controlling, economics, corporate management, international structure of internal audit, total quality management (TQM), ethical code of internal audit, auditor’s report as a result, process audit, external audit, taxation of transnational companies, legal structure of internal audit, international taxation systems, management accounting, risk management, financial analysis, strategic management, audit and consulting, adoption of investment decisions, business financing resources, innovative management and financing, corporate policies and strategy, corporate social responsibility (CSR), international financial and securities markets, and mergers & acquisitions.

The advantages of the profession are stability, career growth, and high salaries. Graduates from this program may hold positions such as chief accountant, financial director, auditor, consultant, etc. The profession is highly demanded in all fields, both in private and public structures. Graduates may find a job in different organizations: consulting agencies, insurance agencies, tax inspectorates, pension funds, and of course all types of commercial entities.