International Management and Marketing

The specialty International Management and Marketing includes two individual programs which can never exist separately. Each activity requires management, as even the smallest entity can never deal without management. The aim of each and every company is to maximize profits, for which purpose it is required to profitably sell a product or service, i.e. to have a marketing strategy. As of today, when every university teaches to its students lessons and courses such as globalization, decentralization, cross-cultural marketing, target audience, etc., knowledge in the field of expansion to international markets, particularities of different cultures, and specificities of business in different countries, skills of negotiations with partners all over the world play an increasingly higher role.

Within the framework of the program:

Students will learn to:

  • run business on the global scale;
  • develop corporate activities in international markets;
  • master the rules of negotiations with foreign partners, business ethics;
  • develop global marketing strategies;
  • understand well international regulations;
  • help company exit crisis situations and resolve complex problems;
  • make managerial decisions;
  • fill in all types of documentation;
  • learn the aim of activities and impact of large international organizations;
  • extend their knowledge in the field of economics and management.

The program includes studies of the following courses: international management and international marketing, international business communications, business ethics, international economic relations, culture in international relations, corporate management, cross-cultural communications and management, international financial reporting, diplomatic protocol and etiquette, social and economic consequences of globalization, crisis management, knowledge management, project management, strategic management and innovations, innovation management, corporate social responsibility (CSR), protection of customer rights, advanced marketing, risk management, Internet marketing, mergers &acquisitions, and equity and financial management.