Audit, Finance and Banking

This specialty assumes a great coverage. “Banker” is quite a popular and widespread word. The profession of a banker requires an analytical mindset and the ability to foresee future trends. However, the program isn’t just limited to banking, and extends to audit and finance, which in their turn require specialists to have qualities such as self-organization, and the ability to make individual decisions. Graduates from this program will get a perfect opportunity to understand and find a job in all fields of the global financial market.

Within the framework of the program:

The students will learn to:

-          manage cash flows;

-          run monetary transactions on local and global markets;

-          run the full corporate financial analysis;

-          plan budgets on all levels;

-          forecast and increase corporate profits;

-          make managerial decisions;

-          run reconciliations;

-          maintain the full accounting statements;

-          use regulations in their activities;

-          draw up agreements;

-          construct and assess all types of financial information;

-          audit cash flows;

-          foresee and eliminate various risks;

-          understand the basics of different monetary and credit systems all over the world;

-          understand the securities market, taxation system, and internal and external audit systems.

Basic program courses: central banking system, banks and financial institutions, macroeconomic analysis for financial markets, money theory, monetary policy and financial stability, shares, bonds, financial instruments, international financial reporting, financial analysis in multinational corporations, international financial and capital markets, tax optimization in transnational corporations, legal accounting and risk fraud elimination, international standards of financial companies and payments, financial consulting and behavioral finance, mergers & acquisitions, non-bank financial institutions, capital and financial markets, regulation and supervision of financial markets, internal and external audit, process and quality audit, professional qualities and ethics of accountants and auditors, controlling, risk management in the banking sector.