1. Signing up to / Signing in the personal account


For signing in your personal student’s account, please type in your browser’s address bar:



or just select “Student Entry” in the lower section of



2) Then, the entry window will appear where you have to write your e-mail address and password provided to you upon signing up.


3) In case you forgot your password, just click on the “Restore Password” button. If you forgot or lost your e-mail address, please contact your coordinator or write a message to


3) Upon signing in your personal account, you will see the following right away:

  • information on you;
  • list of your basic courses for the semester;
  • additional courses chosen.


4) Courses shown on your main page. If some courses are shown or your main page, this means that they are available for you to study, or have already been studied.


5) In order to learn more on a course, please click on Course – Overview, and you will see the description and contents of the course, how it is to be passed, and you will also find the materials and books required for the studies.


6) In the Semesters section, you will find the entire list of semesters (6 for bachelor’s and 4 for master’s programmes). By selecting a semester, you will see the entire list of courses studied. Click on the Overview of a course, and you will see the complete information on it.


7) Adding additional courses.

If the course you’re interested in is missing in the list of basic courses, please go to the Courses tab in the sidebar, and you will see the full list of courses. There, you will get all the required data on the course, and will be able to add it by clicking on Order. 



Upon clicking on Order, your personal supervisor will contact you for discussing all details, and the invoice will be sent. As soon as you pay it, the appropriate course will be available to you from the main page of your student’s profile.



In case of any questions regarding how to use the website or your personal account, please contact us.


Sincerely yours, UniMFA